Tuesday, 7 May 2013

No night night

Friday, 28 December 2012

A New Year Message from UKIP

Goals in 2013

The goals is pretty simple in 2013... After the last 3 months of 2012 that has turned into a living nightmare for me and pretty much lost a lot in that period by making mistakes in judgment what to do to get back on my feet.

Now right now my ex wife Kate is helping me having somewhere to stay. Though same time me and Kate are job hunting to get a good paid job. Though I am worried because it's taken me 9 months before Walmart to get some kind of work. I do hope deep down I can work at Walmart again because I know how Walmart operates and I miss working with people. Though I am hoping to have some work that's $13+ and with that I will get back on my feet faster. I mean Kate going to give me a chance to quickly save up for a Car then I can start working hard on getting my own home.

My first goal is to get a cheap car to run around in and then once I am at the job long enough I start working on getting a new car. I am looking at Ford Focus and the KIA Rio/Soul. Good on Gas but same time not cost that much when it comes to buying one.

I am also going to be on the mission to buy my own home a real home with some land. I am determined to live in the Oxford area because of the riding trails and few people I like riding with will be stone trow away. I have a house in mind and I REALLY want but the fact can I get the job and then hope to get it before it gets sold? Who knows!

Though same time I am really trying to figure out a way to get to two barns one in PA and other in NY. These places offer a career with horses again but I have no car and no money. So this is really frustrating to get there check them out and start working etc. I am trying to keep my options open but I feel fate making get trapped and no go anywhere.

So yer I have no dreams anymore just goals which to me not the same. I had dreams but with my last partner I got burned hard and I don't think I will have these dreams again.. So now I just want to get by having a good job, car and a home. Then I just work on my son Chris and anything else that comes along. I have lost the will to push on with life and go for bigger and better things.

So yer lets see how 2013 going to treat me!